Florida, USA




2005: Birth of the Fighting Squids


In 2005 we hard our first meeting at the tap room on Fort Lauderdale Beach, to start recruiting and get thing organized to form the club. As it turned out we had alot of people that wanted to be a SOCIAL member and only a few that actually wanted to play. As a result, one guy grabbed a piece of paper and drew a line down the middle and wrote..... SOCIAL SQUID and PLAYING SQUID....... Hence the Name "FIGHTING SQUIDS" was born...


In 2009 we joined forces with Florida International University (FIU) to form a college recruiting team. We look forward to the future and getting some more local


Our Mission is to put together a AFL team to play against Tampa and Sarasota in the Florida Metro League, with the intention to send players to the National Championships as part of The Florida Redback's. While playing is our fist intention, we also hope to surround ourselves with a group of people who love a beer, socialize and enjoy everything that make living in South Florida the best place in the United States


FIRST GAME REPORT - September 27, 2005


Fort Lauderdale vs. Tampa


1st quarter 3.0 (18) 2.2 (14)

2nd quarter 7.5 (47) 4.3 (27)

3rd quarter 9.9 (63) 8.5 (53)

4th quarter 16.10 (106) 8.6 (54)


Joining the USAFL and entering the Florida Metro League, we played our first game against Tampa on a wet September day. History was made with our first ever competitive game and subsequent win. With a great all round performance the Fighting Squids ran away with the game in the final term


After the devastating Hurricane Katrina passed thru Florida, the game was played 16-on-16 in rain, overcast and windy conditions. Fort Lauderdale had a dominating defense and made better use of the breeze, which was a very strong wind in the final quarter. The game was an excellent hard fought competition which remained relatively even for three quarters, but was broken open by Fort Lauderdale in the final term.


Best on ground were Chris, Jarred, and Coops.  the Bens had very good games, and David, Gavin, and Danny showed great improvement and contributions.. Major goal kickers for Fort Lauderdale were Coops 3 and Tim H 3.




2008 DIV 4 2-1 Tied for Division 4 Champions

2011 DIV 4 3-1 Lost in Grand Final

2012 DIV 4 2-1 Divisional Rounds

2013 DIV 2 2-1 Beat Boston & Chicago / Lost to LA Dragons

2014 DIV 3 0-3 Lost to Calgary, Portland and Philidelphia

2015 DIV 2 0-3 Lost to Columbus, Boston and Sacramento

Membership Fees are Due!

$200 Regular Member:

Squid Shirt, Metro Season Shirt, Sox, Eastern Regionals & Nationals accomodation, USAFL fee, Presentation/Awards night dinner, and food and drink at select events. NEW PLAYERS GET 6 FREE TRAINING SESSIONS TO TEST THE WATERS.


If you bring 2 players to join the Squids & come to Nationals, we will reimburse your membership fee.

Social Members: $40 - Squid Shirt and Presentation/Awards night dinner.